Italy : Day 2

August 5th
The Italian saga continues, but with a good night’s sleep under our belts. Breakfast included with our room, so rolls, salami, OJ, and coffee are the way we begin our day. We do our best to shower and the clothes we have worn for the last 30 hours are put back on. They can now stand on their own. Did I mention that you sweat constantly in Rome and I am wearing jeans and Suzi has on sweat pants! We journey to the Spanish Steps, the Pantheon (Matt’s favorite), Piazza Navona, Parliment, the Capital building and a brief run by the Coliseum and ruins. Needless to say at this point we dislike Air France strongly and have cursed them throughout the day as we periodically acquire updates on the status of our bags (still not at the hotel, but are in Rome). We head for home around 5:30pm for a much needed nap & in hopes we will be met by our bags. We have no clothes for dinner and after a shower decide we must eat locally, very disappointing. As we are leaving to go to dinner, in the lobby we see the oasis. Our bags have magically appeared and are just sitting by themselves in the lobby. We are like 2 kids on Christmas morning and the hotel proprietor enjoys “Viva Italia!” upon seeing how happy we are to finally have our bags. We quickly enjoy a real shower and hair wash. We put our more stylish clothes and head to the Fountain Di Trevi, where we opt to dine a Quirino. We enjoy awesome Ravioli’s and Chianti Classico (even cheap Italian wine is good). We have a wonderful waiter and meet 2 couples from the US. One from San Jose and one from Texas. With a full tummy we head to the fountain and make a magical wish for years of marriage and adventure together. Ciao! We have accepted twin beds pushed together.