Italy : Day 1

This is recap of Suzi and I’s recent Italian vacation. Apologies for the bad grammar and spelling mistakes. Pictures will be up soon. Without further ado.

August 3rd & 4th
I think the saying holds true “whatever does not break you makes you stronger”. It has been a trek. Starting with the Rocky (thanks Brett) to BART to the Air France terminal and being informed of a 2 hour delay added to the 3 hours we were early for the flight, plus the 2 hours it took us from our door to the airport.
We took our $20 meal voucher, had lunch, then twiddled our thumbs for four hours. Boarded our 747 and shared our seats with a very nice Catholic priest from Poland who decided not to shower before the trip. The highlight was 13 going on 30 (suzi’s anyway), great movie. Made the new connecting flight in Paris and landed in Rome. To our dismay, our bags were not as eager to start our Italian vacation as we were. They stayed in Paris for the night. In our frustration trying to figure out where our bags were, we mistakenly avoided customs and entered Rome without a Passport stamp or LUGGAGE! We were assured by the AirItalia agent that the bags would be en route to us that evening. We navigated our way from the Roma airport using the Leonardo Express and the Metro underground. We arrive at the Hotel Domus Mariae 33 hours after we left our doorstep. We were pleased with the hotel and our 1st floor accomodations except we had request a double bed on our 1 year anniversary and when we opened the door, we were staring at 2 twin beds. (stay tuned) We made our way to the hotel bar and outdoor seating area for a little Frank Sinatra playing at a DJ stand. At last we could relax and begin our vacation. We did this with club sandwiches and skunk beer. I of course went with my usual Cubre Libre. (suzi notes here that I really needed the second one).

August 5th
Having acclimated to the Rome weather (It is really really REALLY hot) and a good night’s sleep in our pushed together twin beds. No bags still, so we did the best we could to shower and put on our same outfits. We are off to the Pantheon and have crossed fingers that at some point we will have clean clothes and a double bed.

more to come…