Italy : Day 3

August 6th
Got a good night’s sleep, headed down to breakfast and on our way to our room a critter scurried across the floor as soon as we opened the door to our room. It was a small beady-eyed lizard. Matt had to dispose of it and in the process removed his tail, which continued to wiggle around – ugh! (No animals were harmed in the process) We had a big day planned at St. Peters, the Vatican museum, and all the surrounding sights. We got an early start to avoid the crowds. We started the tour with the hike in the cupola. 520 steps later as we did not select the lift and at a sweat factor of 10+ Matt and Suzi made to the top of St. Peter’s. It was touch and go for Matt because it was so hot and claustrophobic in the tight quarters leading up to the top. The view in the dome and all of Rome outside the dome was absolutely beautiful! Mass was going on in the midst of our tour, so it was incredible to see the priest and hear the music and the Latin liturgy. We concluded with the Vatican Museum and the highlights including the Sistine chapel – amazing and the Raphael rooms. What an amazingly beautiful piece of art. We showered up and headed out to the Spanish Steps and some great wine & beer at Enoteca Antica (a recommended hot spot). We also has dinner at Difrante a…, but it was Italy’s Pasta Pomodoro equivalent. We thought it would be good, but just okay.