👨🏻‍💻About Me

👋🏻 Hi, my name is Matt and this is my internet crib. I use this space mainly to post photos and information about my life, as well as play around with web technologies. You should know, I am a computer nerd at heart.
I was born and raised in San Jose, California. I attended Bellarmine College Prep.

After high school my parents moved away to Oregon, and I headed to San Luis Obispo (SLO). I studied computer science at Cal Poly. My senior project was an Online Basketball Simulator at www.e-hoops.com. Sorry it has been down for a while, because I never migrated it from the Microsoft platform to Java and it kind of died out. Someday I will get back to it. All I can tell you is the project received an A, and was the last step for my BS degree!

After university I moved to the big city, San Francisco. I lived with a bunch of dudes at 1239 in Russian Hill at had a blast. I fell in love with my wife and we eventually settled down in Pleasanton with our dogs Chloe and Rosie. We love it in the ‘burbs’, but miss the city. Luckily it is only 45 minutes away without traffic.
So that is the long and short of it for now. You can checked out my work life. Or if you’re a long lost friend you can check out my social life. And if you are a beer lover, you can find me on Untappd.com.

Most photos were taken with either my current camera, the iPhone 13 Pro Max or one of my previous cameras: iPhone XS Max, iPhone 8 Plus,  iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 6siPhone 5siPhone 4s, iPhone 3Gs, Canon Powershot SD1100 IS Digital Elph; Canon Powershot A95; Canon Powershot A20.

cheezy attempt at film strip