Farrell’s Ice Cream Parlor

Farrell’s was a great old fashioned ice cream parlor that we used to frequent growing up. It was great for us as kids because they had the earthquake sundae which has something like 50 scoops of ice cream in a huge silver bowl that took two people to carry. After you were all done, each Farrell’s had a gigantic candy section!Some memories from our family….

Sister in-law’s mom:Do I remember Farrell’s? Well, yeah, duh! We had so much fun taking you guys there!!!When the whistle blew and the drum rolled, your eyes would get really, really big! Some of you would get really, really scared. Hugh got really, really sick on his 2d or 3d birthday and threw up all over the table and floor. We left quickly.And the ice cream was the best. I would eat mine and any ice cream not eaten by you children. Of course, I had to arm wrestle Dad for it!Yes, fond memories.The man who was our witness during our marriage was a co-owner of a Farrell’s in San Diego. Al Krivy was in the Navy (a life) but did well for himself with his investment.   

Sister in-law:I LOVED Farrell’s….we only have one open in Oregon now…the original one. We should go next time you guys are up here. We used to go there on each birthday….it was a blast! Thanks for bringing up the memories!

Me:Hey Mom & Dad,Do you guys remember Farrell’s Ice Cream?Suzi and I went to Swensens in Pleasanton last night and I was telling herabout how great Farrell’s was when we were kids. I remember the Zoo andVolcano sundaes. And the Candy. Oh man that place was fun.Here is some websites I dug up.Click around on that first link and there is some great stuff. Even somemultimedia clips of the zoo sundae!