Italy : Day 6

August 9th
We woke up early and had a light breakfast included with the Albergo San Marco hotel and met the man who walked us to a beautiful woody. It was the nicest boat I had ever been on in Venice and looked like a high end water taxi, so needless to say we were both thrilled to even ride on this in the canals. There was another couple from our hotel. They were very direct and blunt and a bit weird, but we all stood out the back of the boat enjoying the morning and beautiful scenery. We made it to Murano and were met by a guide who toured us through an exclusive Murano glass factory. We were able to watch a glass maker and then we saw the most expensive chandeliers and glass vases I have ever seen. He was a little bit of a sales guy, but we could not afford anything, so we just enjoyed the tour and all of the information. We weaved around the streets of Murano and purchased some souvenirs on the Island and then headed to Burano where they are known for the lace making tradition. We explored the Island and all of the buildings are painted very bright colors, so it is Funky and really cool. Matt and I of course stopped for our daily lunch panini and Matt had the famous wine spritzer, which was very good! We took a 1.5 hour water/boat ride back to San Marco and spent the rest of the afternoon exploring the Desodoro, San Marco Square, and various neighborhoods. We showered and then headed to the world famous Harry