Candlestick Parking = Nightmare!!!

Can I just say that whoever is in charge of getting people into SF 49ers game suck big time.
Here is the scenario for monday nights game. (49ers 30, Steelers 14)
Take Hunter’s Point way to the game and get to the dirt lots by 6:08pm. 49ers are about to take the first snap of the game. We have pre-payed parking, so we ask the guy where to go. He says we have to go up and around the stadium to get to the pre-paid parking. So we’re like cool, we’ll only miss a little of the game. We start to head around the top of the stadium where all the buses go and hit bumper to bumper traffic. We miss the 1st quarter and have moved 20 yards. So we are pretty pissed at this point. We miss the 2nd quarter and now everyone is getting out of their cars to see what is up. We see that these dumb asses are taking 4 lanes into 1 when there is no traffic coming from 101 anymore. We tell them “hey, how about opening up all lanes since everyone is in the game already?” They say ohhh ok that makes sense. No S. it makes sense. So all of a sudden we start rolling around the stadium. Meanwhile Ronnie Lott’s 42 number is being retired. Which I really wanted to see. The radio announcers say that people are still trying to get into the stadium just like last year’s monday night game. Everyone in their car starts honking. 3rd Quarter starts, still in line. We are now almost back to where we started our whole journey. 8 minutes left in the 3rd quarter, screw this we sell our tickets to a couple of suckers for 10 bucks a piece and head back to the city. Turns out the pre-paid parking is 10 yards to the left of where we originally asked the guy where to go. He would not let us go 10 yards to the left, so instead we miss 3 quarters of the game city in my damn truck.
We made it back to the city in time for the 4th quarter, but by that time the game was over anyways.
49ers, get some smarter people to run your parking!!!!!!!!!!!!!