Garry St. Jean

Someone PLEASE help the warriors GM
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Insider: Anti-art of the deal
It’s almost time for St. Jean’s annual trip to Lottery Land.
We have no idea what GM Garry St. Jean is thinking. Very few people do. The Warriors have a knack for killing a guy’s trade value. They did it last fall with Marc Jackson, and they’ve done it again this spring with Larry Hughes. The Warriors have given up on the Hughes-at-point-guard experiment and leaked enough negative press to scare off just about everyone willing to talk sign-and-trade this summer. Expect the team to also see what power forward Danny Fortson and center Erick Dampier would bring them on the market. Both have done a solid job, but word on the street is that Antawn Jamison wants all three starting positions next year.

rant over, enjoy the sunset