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What is a Hilltopper?

This is a question my brother and I were searching for an answer for durng the first and second rounds of the tournament in Portland, Oregon.
We asked basketball fans…bartenders…even the Western Kentucky cheerleaders. No one would or could tell us what a hilltopper was…until now.

“The evolution of the nickname ‘Hilltoppers’ is obvious to those who have seen the Western Kentucky campus. – Since the summit of ‘the Hill’ rises 232 feet above nearby Barren River and the comparatively level plain that surrounds it, it was only natural that the athletes who represented the institution should come to be known as the ‘Hilltoppers.'”

Go Toppers!

Big Red with Zag fans
Big Red with Zag fans

WKU Flag Wavers
WKU Flag Wavers

And finally if you ever get a chance to go to a March Madness game, go, you’ll love it. This video explains it all.

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Barry “US” Bonds

Man I am so stoked on this iPhone, I am sending another post. Going to the Giants game on Tuesday and I am hoping to see Bonds tie Hank Aaron’s all time homerun record.